Anal’s Not A Sin For A Blond Teen.

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Beautiful blond teen with pert tits discusses her virginity with her boyfriend, and she confesses to having been thinking about losing it for a while. She then does a slow sexy striptease revealing pert tits with hard nipples, nice bum cheeks and shaved pussy. She then expresses fear of God’s wrath if she had unmarried sex (don’t worry this is still hardcore). Her boyfriend reassures her about God’s forgiveness, and in a flash she’s got his thick cock in her mouth. Sucking up and down and kneading his balls like a real pro, but just as they’re about to complete the deed, in walks her shocked Mum. Mum then starts talking about sin and damnation, and then drops the biggest bombshell ever heard in porn, “If you take it up the ass it’s not a sin in God’s eyes’???? Even the naïve daughter couldn’t get her head around that one.  The young couple proceed to hard anal in every conceivable position while Mum watches to make sure he doesn’t put his thick cock in her daughter’s pussy.  The reverse cowgirl anal ride is a great scene, and of course the guy is not allowed to spill his seed so he creampie’s the teen’s sumptuous ass.

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